The Pennsic War


Pennsic War is celebrating it’s 50th Year! Because of this, we are anticipating increased attendance and will need your help more than ever. While we have volunteers on site weeks before the event actually starts, setting up the infrastructure so that when we arrive, our own village is ready for us to have fun. It […]

Town Criers

Town Criers’ operate out of the Town Hall tent, located across from the Camp Store. Office hours are 11 am to 4 pm, starting Wednesday, Aug 2 through Thursday, August 10. When we are closed you can leave a message at Info Point. We post notices on the 26 signboards stationed throughout the town areas of […]

Herald’s Point

Heralds’ Point is located at the intersection of the Low Road with the Great Eastern Highway, next to the playground/Family Point. Come to Heralds’ Point to get help with your SCA name and armory! Our heralds will work with you to choose a name that fits your persona’s culture, geographical location, and time period. You can then […]

Event Safety (The Watch)

Pennsic Event Safety staff are here to support you in having a memorable event. The Watch tent is located across from Troll, at the corner of Dragon Trace and Brewer’s Road (see map). Please feel free to visit with any questions or concerns you may have. First Aid Point is just next door on Brewer’s […]

Water Point

Covid has brought a number of changes including to how we assist folks with remembering to hydrate. Please bring your own water bottles for activities. We will have some Pennsic Cow Filters around the battlefield and other places, but Pennsic War will no longer be using water bearers to supply water to combatants. This will now […]

Checking In (Troll)

cash register animated

The Troll staff tries very hard to make your sign in as painless as possible – please read through the following information, as it will make your Pennsic check-in more efficient. All Troll Staff and personnel are volunteers who are donating their time to help your War start off smoothly. We try to solve any […]

Disability Services

Disability Services is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. Disability Services is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. We will open on Friday, July 28 at Noon, and will also be open daily from 9 am – 5 pm through Friday, August 11 […]