The Pennsic War

Youth Combat

All youths ages 6–17 are invited to join us on the battlefield for the Pennsic Youth Combat Program. The basis for the Pennsic 49 Youth Combat rules is the Society Youth Combat Handbook issued in July 2017. Youth Combat Age Divisions Division 1: ages 6–9 Division 2: ages 10–13 Division 3: ages 14–17 Youths who have been […]

Water Point

Covid has brought a number of changes including to how we assist folks with remembering to hydrate. Please bring your own water bottles for activities. We will have some Pennsic Cow Filters around the battlefield and other places, but Pennsic War will no longer be using water bearers to supply water to combatants. This will now […]

Thrown Weapons

So that all throwers from all kingdoms can participate, we will be using the Society Thrown Weapon Rules rather than rules of the Middle, East, or Æthelmearc. In addition, please note these items for Pennsic War 50: All throwers must have footwear that covers the soles of their feet, although closed-toe footwear is recommended. The minimum age […]

Siege Combat

Official siege activity at Pennsic 50 will be limited to the Main Battlefield. In case of disputes, the Pennsic 50 Marshal-in-Charge will make the final call. Marshals All Siege Marshals must wear eye protection, such as protective shatterproof eye-wear or a helm. Siege marshals should wear a standard black marshal’s tabard and carry a marshal’s […]

Rapier Combat

The Rapier Lists and Tent are located at the south end of the battlefield.Standard office hours for the Rapier Tent will be 9 AM to 5 PM. Various tournaments may start before or end after those hours, but marshal coverage for those events is the responsibility of the hosts. No activity is to take place without […]

Combat Archery

Play safe and fair. We have a specialized weapons form that requires specialized skills, understanding and accommodations. Help clear the field after battle – many hands make light work. Thank the marshals, both CA and otherwise. They give freely of their time so YOU can play. Lastly, consider becoming a CA Marshal-in-Training. You can find […]


Greetings unto the Known World from the Pennsic Target Archery Staff, and welcome back to Pennsic Archery. I am Forester Dietrich von Hamburg, Kingdom Archery Marshal for the Midrealm. Together with our colleagues from the East Kingdom, Atlantia, and Æthelmearc we are going to make sure that archery at Pennsic is both safe and fun! […]