The Pennsic War

Pennsic’s History, and Future

Dates of Future Pennsic Wars Pennsic Wars start at the end of July, and run for 17 days. The end date is the second full weekend in August. Opening day of Pennsic may be as early as July 24 or as late as July 30. (Historical Note: prior to 2007, Pennsic War used to begin and […]

Pennsic Rules

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Below you will find rules and Policies in regards to Pennsic. Pennsic Event Guide (TBA) Pennsic 50 Rules – May 2023 PW Financial Policy – APR 2019 Pennsic 50 Rules Download Financial Policy Download

Information Services

Pennsic 50 is here! Pennsic Information Services division is composed of Information Point, Lost and Found, Pennsic Town Criers, the Media Liaison, the website, Pennsic Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), and the Event guide. – Information Services Team At Pennsic you can find us in the blue and white Town Hall tent, just in front […]

First Aid Point

First Aid Point 24 hours a day IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY If you need in-camp emergency response, dial 911 and notify the dispatch that you are at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Worth Township. Provide the campsite name, block, and the nearest Pennsic road intersection. Have someone waiting at that intersection to direct emergency personnel. […]

Firewood Info

Campfires Firewood can be purchased at the camp store, or at an off-site location. Do not cut the campsite’s foliage for firewood. Under no circumstances may garbage, refuse, hay, or straw be burned. Firepits must not be more than 3 feet deep. Before leaving camp, extinguish any fires so that they are no longer smoking […]

Event Guide

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Pennsic 50 Event Guide (TO BE RELEASED!) Download

Checking In (Troll)

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The Troll staff tries very hard to make your sign in as painless as possible – please read through the following information, as it will make your Pennsic check-in more efficient. All Troll Staff and personnel are volunteers who are donating their time to help your War start off smoothly. We try to solve any […]

Disability Services

Disability Services is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. Disability Services is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. We will open on Friday, July 28 at Noon, and will also be open daily from 9 am – 5 pm through Friday, August 11 […]