The Pennsic War

Period Games

Visit the Period Games Tent to learn and play a large variety of board, card, and dice games. We will be open TBA, through TBA. The tent opens daily at 10:00 am and the first class starts at 11:00 am. Games and classes continue throughout the day, with the tent closing at either 5 pm or 8:00 pm, check the […]

Performing Arts

We are excited to bring you a Pennsic full of: Amazing, talented, new and returning performers – Actors, Musicians, Storytellers, and more A plethora of classes and events in Theater, Commedia, Foolery, Juggling, European Music, Choirs, Instrumental Ensembles, Storytelling, various Bardic forms, and so much more. The “Performing Arts Afternoon Series,” highlighting a different form […]

Pennsic University

  Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World! We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn. There are more than a thousand classes to choose from – peruse the class schedule and prepare to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that can be found in […]

Pennsic Choirs

What is the Known World Choir? The Known World Choir (KWC) is a group of people from across the Kingdoms of the SCA who love to sing a cappella choral music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Singers gather, rehearse, and perform at major SCA wars like Lilies, Gulf wars, and Pennsic. The Known World […]

Middle Eastern Arts

Greetings to all present, Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. Please call me Mika. I’m honored to serve once again as your Middle Eastern Coordinator this year for our milestone 50th event. Some of you might recall the early days of Pennsic, while for others, this might be your first event! We’re all excited to […]

Arts and Sciences Display

Known World Arts & Sciences Display / Youth Arts & Sciences Display Come and be part of the awesome display of craftsmanship from the Known World! Pennsic 50 brings the annual display of the talents & knowledge of the Known World’s Artisans and Craftspeople. The variety and scope of work are always a wondrous spectacle of […]