The Pennsic War


See detailed maps about pennsic below! Also see the “Land” maps here PW50 – Land map ( Pennsic 50 Land Map Battlefield Map Pennsic University Barn Area Newcomers’ Point

Rental/Delivery Procedures

Letter and Package Deliveries Edit Content Letter deliveries for individuals via the United States Postal Service will be available at Information Point in Town Hall, near the Camp Store. Express letters, packages, and boxes (all non-standard letter mail) are delivered to the Merchant Office across from the Public Safety Tent. Procedures for Rentals / Deliveries […]

Packing List

Tent Campsite Light/Heat/Cooking Feast Gear Grooming Personal Use Kitchen Clothing Fighting Gear Extras

Firewood Info

Campfires Firewood can be purchased at the camp store, or at an off-site location. Do not cut the campsite’s foliage for firewood. Under no circumstances may garbage, refuse, hay, or straw be burned. Firepits must not be more than 3 feet deep. Before leaving camp, extinguish any fires so that they are no longer smoking […]

Exit Policy

Garbage Please clean up litter and garbage around your campsite and place it in the dumpsters. If the dumpster is full, please do not put your trash in front of the dumpsters – then the garbage men can’t empty them. You can stack them on the sides or behind the dumpster. Wood Leave all your […]

Camping Tips

campsite animated

Campaigners Notes This guide is offered as an aid for those unfamiliar with Pennsic. It is reprinted with the kind permission of the author, Bart the Bewildered (Paul S. Kay). The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and not of the Pennsic War staff. (Note – the Guide was updated in 2017 by […]

Campground Bus

Pennsic Buses and Tracker Pennsic Bus Route Static Map Pennsic is covered by 2 Routes. In general, they operate from 9 am to 9 pm daily. The East Loop Bus runs around the Lake through the Serengeti up through parking and to the battlefield The West Loop Bus runs between the battlefield and the Archery Field. It also serves the […]