The Pennsic War

Land Registrations

Visit the land website Newest Land Announcements Registration for land allocation opened on 2023-01-01. Coopers Lake Campground registration will close on 2023-06-11. Land group registration and most group updates will close on 2023-06-22. Please note that picnic tables are first come, first served, and that chaining them, locking them down, or in any other way […]

Pennsic’s History, and Future

Dates of Future Pennsic Wars Pennsic Wars start at the end of July, and run for 17 days. The end date is the second full weekend in August. Opening day of Pennsic may be as early as July 24 or as late as July 30. (Historical Note: prior to 2007, Pennsic War used to begin and […]


Pennsic War is celebrating it’s 50th Year! Because of this, we are anticipating increased attendance and will need your help more than ever. While we have volunteers on site weeks before the event actually starts, setting up the infrastructure so that when we arrive, our own village is ready for us to have fun. It […]

Newcomers Activities

Welcome! I hope you all are as excited about Pennsic 50 as I am! Pennsic is the largest event in the SCA,with a lot of different sights, sounds, and activities. For someone new it can be a bitoverwhelming and can certainly raise a lot of questions! That’s why we have several options tohelp you get […]

Period Games

Visit the Period Games Tent to learn and play a large variety of board, card, and dice games. We will be open TBA, through TBA. The tent opens daily at 10:00 am and the first class starts at 11:00 am. Games and classes continue throughout the day, with the tent closing at either 5 pm or 8:00 pm, check the […]

Youth Combat

All youths ages 6–17 are invited to join us on the battlefield for the Pennsic Youth Combat Program. The basis for the Pennsic 49 Youth Combat rules is the Society Youth Combat Handbook issued in July 2017. Youth Combat Age Divisions Division 1: ages 6–9 Division 2: ages 10–13 Division 3: ages 14–17 Youths who have been […]

Pennsic Rules

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Below you will find rules and Policies in regards to Pennsic. Pennsic Event Guide (TBA) Pennsic 50 Rules – May 2023 PW Financial Policy – APR 2019 Pennsic 50 Rules Download Financial Policy Download

Royalty Liason

Royalty who need assistance with their Pennsic experience should contact the Royalty Liaison. She can help you with items such as: Scheduling specialty tournaments, courts, and social engagements. Having kingdom activities listed in the on-site Pennsic book and on the Pennsic website. Arranging for battlefield tents/structures. Questions about camping, Land Grab, protocol, ceremonies, etc. Registering/camping […]

Town Criers

Town Criers’ operate out of the Town Hall tent, located across from the Camp Store. Office hours are 11 am to 4 pm, starting Wednesday, Aug 2 through Thursday, August 10. When we are closed you can leave a message at Info Point. We post notices on the 26 signboards stationed throughout the town areas of […]