The Pennsic War

Campground Bus

Pennsic Buses and Tracker

Pennsic Bus Route Static Map

Pennsic is covered by 2 Routes. In general, they operate from 9 am to 9 pm daily.

  • The East Loop Bus runs around the Lake through the Serengeti up through parking and to the battlefield


  • The West Loop Bus runs between the battlefield and the Archery Field. It also serves the “B” camping blocks.


There are only 1 to 2 buses running during Peace Week, and they have to do the whole route. Please be patient. For everyone’s safety, all war attendees are asked to PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE BUS.

We have nearly lost bus service during past wars because of parked cars blocking the bus routes, and pedestrians who do not allow buses to pass (especially on the narrow roads in the Bog). If bus service is to continue, please be considerate and move out of the way of the bus. 

Main Bus Loop

Servicing N, E, and W blocks. Also Exchanges with West Bus on the Battlefield

(Live Bus locations update every 3 minutes)

West Loop Bus

Servicing B Blocks, M Blocks, and Archery. It exchanges with Main bus on the Battlefield.

(Live Bus locations update every 3 minutes)