Message and Update from the Mayor Pennsic 49

G'Day Everyone,


The year 2020 has been one that we will remember for the rest of our lives for many reasons. Some, because of loved ones we have lost, some because for the first time we have seen the world in turmoil and some because we have been unable to relax and do the things we would normally do. Whatever the reason is, we will get through this together.

It is not my job to interpret the reasons for everything that has happened in 2020, apart from my personal view that I can’t wait for 2020 to just sod off!!

But I digress, this short note is to keep you up to date with where we are for Pennsic 49 in 2021. In November, the Pennsic Staff group, the Coopers Management Group, and I had a joint physical and zoom meeting to discuss the way forward for Pennsic 49. The single message you need to transmit and the message you need to take from the meeting is that we are continuing to plan on having Pennsic 49 in July/Aug 2021 at Coopers Lake Campground.

The Pennsic Staff and Coopers Management are working jointly on plans to make Pennsic 49 as safe as it can possibly be for attendees. This will mean some changes to the way we do things, but we are committed to making those changes as seamless and simple as possible so that Pennsic 49 can happen and we can all have a great relaxing holiday and Pennsic War.

I want to thank you all for your support and most of all for your curtailing of the rumour mill, which I have to say has been nothing short of amazing. I will continue to be transparent in our planning and keep you informed so that any decisions we make will be understood and not a surprise to people.

As more things line up, I will update you all so that you can be kept informed and plan your Pennsic 49 journey to once again celebrate together in friendship and combat. Thanks again and please have a happy and safe Christmas and New year. Gregory of Lochswan Mayor Pennsic War 49

Packing List

This packing list from is reprinted with the kind permission of Caryl de Trecesson (Carol Hanson), and has been slightly modified. It is offered here as an aid for Pennsic travellers, and is not an official pronouncement from the Pennsic War staff.


  • tent & ropes, poles, stakes
  • sledgehammer or mallet
  • shovel
  • extra rope
  • extra stakes
  • extra grommets
  • floor cloth and plastic tarp
  • dining/sun shade & poles, ropes, stakes
  • light colored flags for ropes
  • rugs
  • broom & dustpan
  • sleeping bag or sheets & blankets
  • cot or mattress
  • air mattress & pump
  • pillow


  • duct tape
  • trunk
  • transport/storage boxes
  • camp chairs
  • folding table
  • cloths to hide modern boxes
  • tent porta-potty & sanitizer
  • trash containers and bags
  • poles for lanterns/banners
  • banner



  • fire extinguisher
  • fire buckets
  • lantern & fuel/batteries
  • torches & fuel & funnel
  • tongs for fire
  • fuel for fire: wood or briquets
  • large matches
  • firestarter
  • camp stove & fuel
  • flashlights




Feast Gear

  • basket
  • tablecloth
  • napkins
  • plates, bowls, goblets
  • utensils



  • food cooler(s)
  • waterbottle/waterjug
  • paper towels
  • utility towels—for dishes, wiping up
  • cutting board
  • cutting knives
  • dish soap
  • bleach
  • washbasin
  • scrubber sponge/steel wool
  • Dutch oven
  • pots, pans, skillet, griddle
  • measuring spoons/cups
  • bowls for mixing, serving
  • plates for serving
  • covers for food
  • tripod, grill, spit, oven
  • camp stove & fuel
  • corkscrew
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • spices, herbs, salt & pepper
  • sugar, honey
  • tea, coffee
  • oil
  • aluminum foil
  • potholders
  • large spoons, forks, tongs
  • skewers
  • quart and gallon ziplock bags



  • packaged wipes
  • biodegradable soap
  • shampoo, conditioner
  • toothbrush and paste
  • mouthwash
  • solar shower bag
  • towels & washcloths
  • tissues
  • hairbrush, comb
  • makeup
  • shaving gear
  • mirror
  • feminine hygiene products
  • nailbrush & clippers
  • contacts and solution
  • glasses
  • hair ties
  • emergency sewing kit
  • scissors
  • safety pins
  • lip balm
  • deodorant
  • bug spray
  • sunblock, sunburn lotion
  • hand lotion
  • hand sanitizer



  • shoes (several pairs)
  • boots
  • SCA garb
  • belts, extra laces or ties
  • underwear, chemises
  • bed clothes
  • modern shirts, shorts, pants
  • laundry bag
  • rain poncho or tunic
  • extra socks
  • extra clothes in waterproof container
  • swimsuit
  • jewelry
  • cloak
  • headpieces, hats, veils


Fighting Gear

  • armor bag
  • extra cup & supporter
  • armor
  • boots
  • shield
  • gambeson
  • weapons
  • armor repair kit
  • more duct tape
  • authorization card
  • archery equipment
  • extra bowstring













Personal Use

  • Pennsic pre-registration confirmation
  • proof of SCA membership
  • maps/directions
  • hotel reservations
  • plane tickets
  • earplugs
  • pouch, belt knife
  • wallet with photo ID
  • phone card
  • cash, ATM/debit card
  • spare keys
  • pen and paper
  • flashlight
  • belt favor
  • staff/walking stick
  • fan
  • sunglasses
  • broad-brimmed hat
  • umbrella / parasol
  • first aid kit
  • allergy/hayfever medications
  • intestinal medications
  • pain relievers
  • prescription medication
  • copies of prescriptions (including glasses/contacts)



  • address book
  • clock
  • radio
  • cell phone
  • electronics
  • walkie-talkies
  • spare batteries & electronics chargers
  • books
  • games, toys
  • calligraphy supplies
  • heraldry supplies
  • instrument and music
  • needlework, craft supplies
  • camera and lots of film/digital memory cards

Bullying Policy

THE SCA PROHIBITS HARASSMENT AND BULLYING OF ALL INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions. If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

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