Message and Update from the Mayor Pennsic 49

G'Day Everyone,


The year 2020 has been one that we will remember for the rest of our lives for many reasons. Some, because of loved ones we have lost, some because for the first time we have seen the world in turmoil and some because we have been unable to relax and do the things we would normally do. Whatever the reason is, we will get through this together.

It is not my job to interpret the reasons for everything that has happened in 2020, apart from my personal view that I can’t wait for 2020 to just sod off!!

But I digress, this short note is to keep you up to date with where we are for Pennsic 49 in 2021. In November, the Pennsic Staff group, the Coopers Management Group, and I had a joint physical and zoom meeting to discuss the way forward for Pennsic 49. The single message you need to transmit and the message you need to take from the meeting is that we are continuing to plan on having Pennsic 49 in July/Aug 2021 at Coopers Lake Campground.

The Pennsic Staff and Coopers Management are working jointly on plans to make Pennsic 49 as safe as it can possibly be for attendees. This will mean some changes to the way we do things, but we are committed to making those changes as seamless and simple as possible so that Pennsic 49 can happen and we can all have a great relaxing holiday and Pennsic War.

I want to thank you all for your support and most of all for your curtailing of the rumour mill, which I have to say has been nothing short of amazing. I will continue to be transparent in our planning and keep you informed so that any decisions we make will be understood and not a surprise to people.

As more things line up, I will update you all so that you can be kept informed and plan your Pennsic 49 journey to once again celebrate together in friendship and combat. Thanks again and please have a happy and safe Christmas and New year. Gregory of Lochswan Mayor Pennsic War 49

Pennsic War History


medallionthumbThe origin of the Pennsic Wars: when Cariadoc of the Bow was King of the Middle, he thought it would be entertaining to have a war between the East and Middle Kingdoms. He sent a declaration of war to the East in A.S. 5, but nothing ever came of it. By A.S. 7, Cariadoc had moved and become King of the East, whereupon he found the old declaration of war and promptly accepted. The Midrealm army defeated the Easterners, making Cariadoc (as the joke goes) the first king in history to declare war on himself and lose.

The name "Pennsic War" was created as a combination of "Punic Wars" and "Pennsylvania". The Punic Wars were a series of three wars fought between Rome and the Phoenician city of Carthage.


History of the Runestone



Previous Pennsic War Results


War No. /
Date Royalty Autocrat # Attendees Results


Pennsic 48

July 26 - Aug 1 2019

Gareth and Juliana (Æ)
Edmund and Kateryn (M)
Ozzur and Fortune(E)
Mayor: Dagmar Halvdan    
pw47thumb Pennsic 47
Jul 27 - Aug 12 2018
Sven and Queen Siobhán (Æ) Alric & Katherine (M)
Brennan & Caoilfhionn (E)
TH Lord Tommaso Valeriano
10,486 East 37, Middle 31
PW46thumb.jpg Pennsic 46
Jul 28 - Aug 13 2017
William & Isolde (M)
Ionnes & Honig (E)
Timothy & Gabrielle (Æ)
Baron Tree of the Forest
10,590 East/Mid/Ealdormere Alliance 28.5
Æthelmearc/Northshield Alliance 12.5
PW45thumb.jpg Pennsic 45
Jul 29 - Aug 14 2016
Kenric & Avelina (E)
Cameron & Amalie (M)
Thomas & Ariella (Æ)
Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy
10,940 East 24, Middle 3
PW44thumb.jpg Pennsic 44
Jul 24 - Aug 9 2015
Ragnvaldr & Arabella (M)
Omega & Etheldreda (E)
Magnus & Etain (Æ)
Illiam Uaine
10,556 East-Middle Alliance 19,
Æthelmearc Alliance 18

(declared a tie)
PW43thumb.jpg Pennsic 43
Jul 25 - Aug 10 2014
Brennan & Caoilfhion (E)
Cameron & Amalie (M)
Magnus & Etain (Æ)
Morgan De'ath
10,368 East 25, Middle 20
PW42thumb.jpg Pennsic 42
Jul 19 - Aug 3 2013
Lucien & Catarina(M)
Gregor & Kiena (E)
Maynard & Líadain (Æ)
9,913 East 42, Middle 5
medallionthumb Pennsic 41
Jul 27 - Aug 12 2012
Kenric & Avelina (E)
Savaric & Julianna (M)
Andreas & Kallista (Æ)
Manuel de Mierkola
10,695 East & Middle Coalition 37,
Æthelmearc/Atlantia Alliance 10
medallionthumb Pennsic 40
Jul 29 - Aug 14 2011
Arch & Runa (M)
& Lucan & Jana (E)
Christopher & Morgen (Æ)
Devon Adair Bartholomy
approx 11530 East 19, Middle 4
medallionthumb Pennsic 39
Jul 30 - Aug 15 2010
Edward & Margarite (E)
& Radagaisus & Ceinwen (M)
Malcolm & Tessa (Æ)
John von der Velde
10832 East 13, Middle 8
medallionthumb Pennsic 38
Jul 24 - Aug 9 2009
EikBrandr & Runa (M)
Andreas & Gabriella (E)
Maynard & Líadain (Æ)
Illiame Uaine
10953 East 4, Middle 0;
Known World Alliance 2,
East/Mid Alliance 2
medallionthumb Pennsic 37
Jul 25 - Aug 10 2008
Konrad & Brenwen (E)
Lutr & Tessa (M)
Khalek & Branwyn (Æ)
Isabella Falcao deh Galinha
10525 Middle 37,
East 0
medallionthumb Pennsic 36
Jul 27 - Aug 12 2007
Dag & AnneMarie (M)
Gryffith & Aikaterine (E)
Rurik & Angelik (Æ)
Rosamund Beauvisage
11288 Middle 15,
East 6
medallionthumb Pennsic 35
Aug 5-20 2006
Brion & Anna (E)
Felix & Madeleina (M)
Malcolm & Tessa (Æ)
Brise Sanguin
11595 East 9,
Middle 6
medallionthumb Pennsic 34
Aug 6-21 2005
Alaric & Noelle (M)
Gaufred Kelson & Geneviere (E)
Malcolm & Tessa (Æ)
Melchor Decimas Stoneteeth
11298 Middle 26,
East 1
medallionthumb Pennsic 33
Aug 7-22 2004
Gaufred Kelson & Geneviere (E)
Felix & Madeleina (M)
Maynard & Christina (Æ)
Edward Zifran of Gendy
11374 East 17,
Middle 10
medallionthumb Pennsic 32
Aug 2-17 2003
Pieter & Nan Astrid (M)
Darius & Roxane (E)
Christopher & Maurya (Æ)
Devon Adair Bartholomy
11374 East 8?
Middle 1
medallionthumb Pennsic 31
Aug 3-18 2002
Darius & Roxane (E)
Valharic & Alys Katharine (M)
James & Elina (Æ)
Mairgret of Carrigart
11273 East 8?,
Middle 2
medallionthumb Pennsic 30
Aug 4-19 2001
Bardolph & Brigh (M)
Hanse & Olivia (E)
Morguhn & Meirwen (Æ)
Finn Jarl Herjolfsson
Melchor Decimas Stoneteeth
~12000 East 8,
Middle 1
    The battlefield castle/fortress was constructed for Pennsic 30
medallionthumb Pennsic 29
Aug 5-20 2000
Balfar & Luna (E)
Dag & Elayna (M)
James & Elina (Æ)
Sedalia MacNare
12001 East 10,
Middle 3
medallionthumb Pennsic 28
Aug 7-22 1999
Ragnvaldr & Arabella (M)
Hanse & Moruadh (E)
Cyngus & Dorinda (Æ)
Lord Mayor:
Trelogin Tavistok
10127 East,
medallionthumb Pennsic 27
Jul 31-Aug 15 1998
Timothy & Gabrielle (E)
Jafar* & Kenna (M)
Christopher & Maurya (Æ)
*Jafar passed away before Pennsic.
Sedalia MacNare.
9999 Middle,
    Æthelmearc was elevated to Kingdom status in September of 1997.
medallionthumb Pennsic 26
Aug 2-17 1997
Edmund & Kateryn (M)
Hanse & Moruadh (E)
Minna von Lubeck
Claire Fitzwilliam
9132 East,
medallionthumb Pennsic 25
Aug 3-18 1996
Bjorn & Morgen (E)
Edmund & Kateryn (M)
Lord Mayor:
Ian Mitchell of Clan Mitchell
9992 Middle,
medallionthumb Pennsic 24
Aug 5-20 1995
Thorbjorn Osis & Valthiona (M)
Timothy & Gabrielle (E)
Aaron faheud Swiftrunner,
Mairin of the East Isle,
Alexis MacAlister
approx 8700 East,
medallionthumb Pennsic 23
Aug 6-21 1994
Lucan & Jana (E)
Finn & Garlanda (M)
Bran Trefonnen
9221 East 11,
Middle 0
medallionthumb Pennsic 22
Aug 7-22 1993
Dag & Ilsa (M)
Tsuranaga & Genevieve (E)
Elena de Vexin
8757 East 7,
Middle 2
medallionthumb Pennsic 21
Aug 1-16 1992
Ruslan & Margaret (E)
Ronin & Katya (M)
Gavin Kilkenny of Kilcarren
approx. 8000 East 7,
Middle 2
medallionthumb Pennsic 20
Aug 3-18 1991
David & Tangwystl (M)
Randall & Katherine (E)
Morgana bro Morganwg
(first autocrat not from East or Middle)
7805 Middle,
medallionthumb Pennsic 19
Aug 4-19 1990
Ronald & Bronwyn (E)
Comar & Lisa (M)
Sedalia MacNare
6462 East 5,
Middle 4
medallionthumb Pennsic 18
Aug 12-20 1989
Palymar & Katherine (M)
Morguhn & Maurya (E)
Claire Fitzwilliam
5806 East 5,
Middle 2
medallionthumb Pennsic 17
Aug 1988
Gavin & Sedalia (E)
Corwin & Shana (M)
Lawrence Thornguard
5204 Middle 4,
East 3
16 Aug 8-16 1987 Talymar & Eislinn (M)
Randall & Marieke (E)
Claire Fitzwilliam
~4600 Middle 5,
East 2
15 Aug 1986 Ronald & Bronwyn (E)
Palymar & Katherine (M)
Reya na Beanntan
Lawrence Thornguard
4114 East 4,
Middle 3
14 Aug 1985 Corin & Myfanwy (M)
Morguhn & Rowan (E)
Graca d'Atalia
3904 Tie
(7 points)
13 Aug 1984 Hasdrubal & Amber (E)
Eliahu & Elen (M)
Sedalia MacNare
~3200 Tie
(5 points)
12 Aug 1983 Corin & Myfanwy (M)
Vissivald & Mara (E)
Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi of Granada
3070 East 3,
Middle 2
11 1982 Hasdrubal & Kunegunda (E)
Andrew & Sharra (M)
Sedalia MacNare
2542 East 4,
Middle 1
10 1981 Hugo & Caitlin (M)
Siegfried & Wanda (E)
Gwennan o'r Afon Rhedeg
1939 East 4,
Middle 1
    Runestone placed at the top of Runestone Hill
9 1980 Gavin & Tamara (E)
Talymar & Valmai (M)
Sedalia MacNare.
~1800 Middle 4,
East 0
    Talymar coins the phrase "Annual Enemies, Eternal Friends"
8 1979 Laurelen & Ithrilliel (M)
Setanta & Aidan (E)
Adrian Thomas
Gwennan o'r Afon Rhedeg
1178 Tie
(5 points)
7 1978 Gyrth & Melisande (E)
Moonwulf & Zarina (M)
Gavin Blackhound of the Horn
Irene von Schmetterling
~700 Middle 4,
East 0
6 1977 Finnvarr & Caellyn (M)
Fernando & Ianthe (E)
Dagan du Darregonne
~650 Tie
(8 points)
    First Pennsic at Cooper's Lake Campground.
5 1976 Albert & Selene (M)
Alaric & Yseult (E)
Autocrats: Stephen Red Cloak
Evart of Bangor
Andrew of Seldomrest
Osmandius the Superfluous
~440 Middle 3,
East 0
    held on a campground near Ashtabula, Ohio.
4 Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 1975 Rolac & Lindenlorien (M)
Asbjorn & Brekke (E)
Autocrats: Andrew of Seldomrest,
Osmandias the Superfluous
Gladius the Alchemist
~400 Middle 3,
East 2
    held on Spencer Farm on Aquilla Road near Chardon, Ohio.
3 1974 Bearengaer & Jessica (M)
Asbjorn & Eloise (E)
  ~350 Middle 83,
East 75
    held in a privately owned field in Wexford, PA (north of Pittsburgh).
2 1973 Andrew & Ann (M)
Finnvarr & Caellyn (E)
Barbara Williams
~300 Tie
(5 points)
    held at a park in South Hills, Pittsburgh, PA.
1 end of Sept., 1972 Andrew & Ann (M)
Cariadoc & Diana (E)
  <150 Middle 2,
East 1
    held at Newton's Campground, near Waterford, PA 

Note: War Point ties usually resulted when a battle was cancelled, or when the outcome was in dispute.
Please send corrections or missing information to the Pennsic webmaster

NOTE: After the allies had declared their allegiances at Pennsic 37 Opening Ceremonies, the King of the East ceded all 37 war points to the Midrealm. He wished to challenge the over-politicized process of negotiating for allies and to preserve the atmosphere of fun and sportsmanship. All the battles and archery points were still held.

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