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    Pennsic 49

    July 29th through August 14. 2022
    Mayor: Sir Gregory of Loch Swan (OP)– e-mail

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    Martial Activities

    Pennsic 49 will have a wide variety of War Point battles and martial competitions, along with non-War Point activities such as tournaments, novelty archery shoots, thrown weapons activities, classes on martial topics, and Youth Combat activities.

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    Cooper's Lake Camground

    Pennsic is hosted at Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock PA. Check out their website to learn more.

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    Pennsic FAQ

    Answers to questions about Pennsic, and information about day-to-day issues at War.

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Pennsic 49 2022

Mayor Pennsic 49
Pennsic 49 - December 2021

G’Day Everyone,

Many of us have had a very difficult past few years. I’d like to express my condolence to those that have lost friends and family since our last Pennsic War and more recently, to those in Kentucky and surrounding areas that have been devastated these past weeks by catastrophic weather events. Know that we, your Pennsic Family are always with you in this difficult time. 

Over the past few weeks, the Pennsic 49 Executive group has met and discussed the running of Pennsic 49 in 2022. I have also met with the Pennsic Financial Committee regarding the budget for Pennsic 49. 

Obviously, the events of the last two years have forced changes to the Pennsic War. I’m happy to say we are on track to have Pennsic 49 in 2022, albeit with some changes to fit within the governance as outlined by the SCA Inc. So let me get the business stuff out of the way first…

COVID 19: The SCA Inc has mandated additional rules for events based on government health regulations in the USA.  To that end, all persons attending the event as paid attendees are required to follow the SCA Inc mandate on SCA Covid Safe Policy requirements. There will be no exceptions to these rules. However, please note, that advice may change as we get closer to the event, based on the latest Government Health advice and changes thereafter issued via the SCA Inc through the land on which the event is held, that being The Kingdom of Aethelmarc.  For full details of the SCA Inc requirements please check them out on the official SCA website.

As a consequence, Pennsic 49 has made some changes to ensure we provide as safe an event as is possible for attendees.  It should not come as a surprise to people that although I hate making changes for the sake of change, the events of the past 2 years and those events going forward into 2022 have made it necessary to revise how we run Pennsic War. 

In particular the functional space around how we do things for the many separate activities, such as Armour inspections, Water bearing, Transportation, and Troll to mention just a few. Together with that, we have had significant costs to other resources in everything from the cost of water and lumber to supplied and contracted services.

Some of our regular suppliers have acknowledged our long-term use of their services and honored the original pricing for Pennsic 49 as contracted for the event in 2020, however, others have told us that they need to have a small price increase, just to keep pace with their costs.  We were planning for this eventuality and be making some changes to cut our costs whilst maintaining the expected service level to attendees.  Part of these changes will be the greater use of technology thus keeping pace with technological advances plus the use of new mundane resources that have become available. 

So what’s Changed…

Lots of words you say…. I know… but what does all that “Gobbledygook” mean in plain English? Simple …. here are some of the changes we are implementing.

1/ The Pennsic Booklet
The Pennsic Booklet is being revamped. It will be reduced in size from the A4 size 30 plus page booklet to an 11 x 14 hand out that will contain Essential Rules, Information, Site Map  and “QR” Codes. The QR Codes will be for different parts of the book and will access up-to-date information on the rest of the things happening at Pennsic 49. This was trialed at Armistice and it was very well received. 

For Pennsic War, this allows us to save over $16,000 in printing costs and provide the ability for us to conduct daily changes to the schedule in real time. For example: University Class Changes, Battlefield time & location changes, Merchant information and webpages, Map updates etc.… The list in endless. Artwork can be in full colour, and merchants can post full colour pics of items in a link to their websites.  

For the attendees, they will be able to download what they want, need or are interested in directly from the Pennsic War Website before they even get to War, rather than getting a large booklet that they carry around, gets wet, lost or is just throw away at the end of the event. If people want to print out the entire book before they come to Pennsic, they can or just the parts they want to print out. It will be up to the individual. In basic terms just print the bits you want or the entire booklet in Black and White or Colour and not have to use a mobile device at war or just click in once or twice a day to check what’s changed or is happening.  

This will also be Pennsic War’s first move towards running a eco-friendlier and more sustainable event. It will allow the individual to control their own eco-footprint at Pennsic War in a small, but meaningful way. 

2/ Replacement of DART Carts
Our bus supplier has informed us that, because of changes to government regulations for disabled persons transport, they can now offer “Full Wheelchair” capable mini-bus/s for use at Pennsic. This was fantastic news for us and not something we expected to happen.  It not only eliminates the need for “DART” carts to follow the busses, but for the first time allows those people in wheelchairs to use the bus services we supply. It is our understanding that all the drivers have been or will be trained to assist people. 

In addition, the bus/s are capable of moving people in wheelchairs. This may be one or two people at a time, but it will be at least one space per bus. (We are hoping for two…but I not sure on that as yet) This is a capability we have never been able to offer our disabled attendees in the past, even with DART. This is a big move into our assistance for those who attend with a disability. We will also be looking to decrease the time between bus rotations on the routes and if need be, add another bus to lessen the delay for people. The Bus start and finish times will remain the same. 

3/ Water Bearers at Battles
A significant change to battlefield and combat events at Pennsic 49 and all future Pennsic War’s will be the supply of water to fighters and participants on the battlefield and at combat scheduled events. Much of this you and the SCA members have already experienced at local events due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

The finer details are being worked out, but we will no longer be supplying water to combatants in the same manner as we have in the past. Essentially, it will be necessary for people and/or households, kingdoms, groups, or the individual to supply their own water container for their own use. The combatant or their support people can fill it up prior to coming to the battlefield or we can fill it up at the battlefield at one of the filter cows. 

To assist in this process, extra water spigots have been added to the battlefield by Coopers Lake and we will be adding in more “Filter Cows” that will be checked, maintained, and serviced by our water bearers. More details on this will be forthcoming in the next few months, but essentially, it’s now up to people to bring their own water bottles to battles, which can be filled up at the Cows. To many, this is no change as it has been moving that way over the past years, but now it’s official. 

Wow, that’s allot longer than I’d planned on it being, but I just needed to get some of the key things out to you all so that you had plenty of time for planning your Pennsic 49 trip. 

Like all plans over the past 3 years, its subject to change, however this is a good time to implement some of the changes we have been brainstorming about over the past few years.  

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year…. and please, please keep safe and I hope to see as many of you as I can at Pennsic 49 in 2022. 
Mayor, Pennsic 49
The Homecoming Pennsic.   


Attention Land Agents

It has come to our attention that some Land Agents and/or groups are concerned of the potential loss of a year of seniority for their group if they do not attend Pennsic War 49.   We would not want a person or group to feel obligated to attend PW49 if due to COVID-19 health or travel restrictions, they are not able to attend.  This is especially true as we cannot predict what restrictions may be in place when PW49 is in progress.  As such, we will not be awarding a year of seniority for any of the groups who ultimately attend PW49.  This assures that no group will receive any type of seniority advantage for having had the opportunity and desire to attend Pennsic where the COVID 19 restrictions would not prevent them from doing so.  

Pennsic Weather

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Bullying Policy

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