Staff Directory



Mayor of Pennsic 48 - Duchess Dagmar Halvden

  • War Admin - Baroness Ekaterina Volkova (OP)

    • Chef der Sanitätsnot -Baroness Hedewigis Ockenfussin (OP)
    • Morale Officer- Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks
    • Royalty Liason - Duchess Kiena Stewart
    • War Herald - Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana
  • Emergency Deputy Mayor - Baron Tree of the Forest

  • Deputy Mayor for Pennsic 49 - Sir Gregory of Loch Swan   

  • Exchequer - Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy

    • Keeper Of the Red Book - THL Appolonia Von Wuttemburg
    • Clerk Of the Pipe - THL Bojei Temur
    • Remembrancer of the Exchequery- Baroness Katerina McGilledoroughe
    • Exchequer Clerk - Lady Zianna Beguy Urdina de Zabaleta
  • Quartermaster - The Honorable Lord Torin Ironbrow

    • Chief Purser- Lady Sandy of the Horde
    • Senior Forager - Baroness Kathryne Sommerfeldt
    • Clerk of the Pells - Mistress Rowena of Avalon (OL, OP)
  • Controller of the Wardrobe - THL Helena Lundonie

    • Cofferer of the Wardrobe- Countess Joleicia of Litchfield

Event Resources

Deputy Mayor - Baroness Celestia Vianello

  • Disability Services Coordinator - Baroness Isabeau Du Valle
  • Heralds' Point Coordinator - Lady Muirenn ingen Dunadaig
    • Deputy Coordinator: Dame Juliana de Luna 
  • Newcomers' Point Coordinator - Lady Margaret Lad
  • Troll (Check-In) - THL Mathaeus Blades
    • Troll 2 - Lord Mustafa al-Wali
    • Executive Trolls - Mistress Cairistiona de Coueran, Baroness Inga Fostra inn Danska, Lady Johanna Van De Vaerst, Lady Meabhdh inghean ui Bhaoiphill, THL Jehanne de Bretagne, Gregory Blount, Baron Gustav Emile, Lady Etain ingen Ruaidri, Dame Helen of Greyfells
  •     Volunteer Point Coordinator - Rosamund Beauvisage (OL, OP)

Information Services

Deputy Mayors - Baroness Islah bint Abbas ibn Habib ibn Hasan (formerly Luned Gwyn) & Lord Finar of the Salt Bluff

Cultural Affairs

Deputy Mayor - Meisterinne Genoveva von Lübeck (OP, OL)

Martial Activities

Deputy Mayor -  Baron Brisi Thorgrimsson

Technical Services

Deputy Mayor - TH Lord Magnus de Londres

Zoning and Planning (Land)

Deputy Mayor - Duchess Elizabeth von Kulmbach

  • Assistant Deputy Mayor 1 - Mistress Lylie of Penhille
  • Single Camping Liaison (Land3) - Lady Mordona Mayfel
    • Historian - Baron G. Emerson True
    • Secretary - Mistress Gaerwen of Trafford
    • Assistant Secretary - Lady Serafina degli Aldobrandeschi
    • Land Webminister - Lady Anna Listakona
    • Key Grep - THL Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd
    • Land Web Systems - Sean of Hahvehbier, Stiofan of Hahvehbier
    • Surveyor - TH Lord Laurenz Tonnemacher
    • Cartographer - Meisterinne Genoveva von Lubeck
    • Hospitality - Mistress Constance Waite, Sir Tarl Shadowraven, Lord Edward of Freehold, Lady Maggie Rue, Katherine Wood
    • Map Artist - Master John Lyttleton
    • Land Assistants - Master Angus the Tailor, Mistress Brangwayna Morgan, Master Jean-Paul Ducasse, Despotes Charimmos of Lakadaimonias, Baroness Abbey KegSlayer, THL Amadon Raudbjorn, Lady Anastasia Petrovna Chernaya, Lady Eden Kegslayer, Michael Tailorson, Elsa von Kulmbach, Moira MacGillavrey

Event Safety

Deputy Mayor - Baron Manuel de la Rosa y Botella de Mirguela

  • Watch Commander - Sir Edmund Dracatorr, Viscount
  • Executive Officer - Baroness Rhiannon of Ravenglass
  • Watch Scheduling and Administration - Mistress Cori of Beau Fleuve
  • Parking Enforcement - Baroness Emmalie the Faire
    • Parking Staff - Lady Osa the Archer, Lady Astrid del Greenwode
  • Mundane Law Advisor - Sir Gregory of Loch Swan (aka Greg Turkich)


Deputy Mayor - Deputy Mayor - Mistress Kis Maria (Mika)

  • Motorpool -  Baron John Von der Velde OP
  • Disability Transport (DART) - Adeliz Argenti

Bullying Policy

THE SCA PROHIBITS HARRASSMENT AND BULLYING OF ALL INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions. If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

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